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The City Autonomous Transportation Agent (CATA) Team/Club

In effort to compete at the 19th Annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC 2011), the City College team (formed by Carlos Jaramillo, Sebastian Pendola, Carlos Chinchilla, and Achyut Shrestha) was able to qualify (only 17 out of 57 teams qualified). Unfortunately, CATA did not win, and it's clear that something went wrong by attempting to fuse GPS information with local odometry. The team however, is still motivated to try again next year and focus on more than "perfection"...The team only worked for less than 3 months on the new system with the open-source Robotics Operating System (ROS).

CATA's software will continue development, and stable packages will start getting released as open-source software available for free download from the CATA repository at github , such as the Novatel GPS driver (wrapped around ROSARIA):

git clone