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Project Lifetime: 
Nov 2015

Rise-Rover is a heavy-duty vertical mobility cart that uses two drivetrain modules to carry Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) instrument in the middle payload compartment for detecting subsurface defects. The innovations are the fault tolerant design using two drivetrain modules with custom designed treads to carry a heavy payload of NDT instrument. The custom designed tread uses light-weight foam encapsulated by silicon rubber. It is soft, durable and conformable to surface irregularities. Each module has multiple suction chambers on tread that allow the robot to cross over gaps/grooves/cracks without loss of adhesion. The introduction of ducted fans allows for re-attachment to the wall surface for increased reliability. Each drivetrain module has a dimension of 8 x 21 x 5.5 inch, weights 10 lb, and can generate normal suction force of 30lb. Pull-up force of Rise-Rover (i.e., payload carrying on vertical wall) is 16 lb, and the locomotion speed of Rise-Rover is 30 meters/minute.

The Rise-Rover video can be seen at