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City Alien Team's First Place for Design at the 18th Annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, 2010

City College of New York took top prize in the design competition at the 18th Annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition with its “City Alien” stealthy robot.

The students did away with the more common laser rangefinder system in favor of an optical system that used two mirrors, one of which also made up part of the round robot’s body.

New College Dataset parser for ROS

As you may know, the New College Data is a freely available dataset collected from a robot completing several loops outdoors around the New College campus in Oxford. The data includes odometry, laser scan, and visual information.

Best Paper Award Finalist at ICIA2010

Rex Wong, Jizhong Xiao, Samleo Joseph's paper “A Robust Data Association for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Dynamic Environments” is a Best Paper Award Finalist in the 2010 IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation (IEEE ICIA2010) , June 20~23, 2010.

CCNY and ROS: ccny-ros-pkg released

The Robotics Lab at the City College of New York is releasing a collection of ROS tools that we are developing for our research. The packages, which are BoxTurtle-compatible, are grouped in the ccny-ros-pkg stack. Documentation is available on the ROS wiki.

Micro-mouse robotics

Two senior design teams in Fall’2009/Spring’2010 semesters under Dr. Xiao’s guidance won the 1st and 2nd places in micro-mouse robotics design competition (region 1, northern-east region) in April 2010.


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