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ICRA 2011 - Best Vision Paper Award - Finalist

The paper entitled "Fusing Optical Flow and Stereo in a Spherical Depth Panorama Using a Single-Camera Folded Catadioptric Rig." [pdf] was nominated finalist for Best Vision Paper at the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2011), Shanghai, China.

Paper Authors: Igor Labutov, Carlos Jaramillo, Jizhong Xiao


IC2011 (Einsteins in the City)

Xiaochen Zhang is the winner for the best poster award (graduate student level) at 2011 Einsteins In The City (EIC2011) Conference at the City College of New York on April 14-15th 2011.

CCNY Mentoring Award

Dr. Jizhong Xiao, together with students William Morris, Igor Labutov and Carlos Jaramillo, has been selected to receive the CCNY Mentoring Award for 2011.

From CCNY's handbook:

ICRA 2011

Ivan Dryanovski, William Morris, and Dr. Jizhong Xiao presented their work on an Open-Source Pose Estimation System for Micro-Air Vehicles at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2011) held on May 9~13, 2011 in Shanghai, China..

2011 Student/Faculty Mentoring Award

In 2011, Dr. Jizhong Xiao received the CCNY Mentoring Award due to his outstanding mentoring relationship and extraordinary achievements of his mentees at that time: Carlos Jaramillo, Igor Labutov, and William Morris. 

Kinect 6D Pose Estimation

We've been working on a real-time pose estimation using a Kinect camera. The algorithm runs in real-time on a desktop CPU. We're using custom RGB-D feature descriptors to do the scan registration. The code works in conjunction with OpenCV and PCL, and should be properly documented and available for download soon.

€7,500 Sponsorhip for MAV Research

  The CCNY Robotics Lab has received a €7,500 spnsorship from Ascending Technologies for research in autonomous outdoor MAV navigation. The title of the prjoect is "Can Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) Fly in Woods Like Birds?" and more information is available here.

AscTec Quadrotors: Wiki and Mailing List


We have put together a wiki page about the quadrotors, available here:

Kinect Drivers for ROS

The CCNY Robotics Lab is contributing to the development of the ROS Kinect drivers, including a depth calibration and and an example video. you can check out our preliminary results here:


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