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RSS2015 Best System Paper Award

The paper “Chisel: Real-time Dense Reconstruction on a Mobile Device using Spatially Hashed Truncated Signed Distance Fields” (authors: Matthew Klingensmith, Ivan Dryanovski, Sidd Srinivasa, and Jizhong Xiao) won the Best System Paper Award at Robotics: Science and Systems Conference (RSS2015), Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, July 13~17, 2015.

Industrial Robot Innovation Award 2015

Industrial Robot Innovation Award 2015 – For practical innovation in the field of robotics. Highly commended paper is awarded to Bing LI and Jizhong Xiao of City University of New York, Kenshin Ushiroda and Qiang Song of InnovBot LLC, for the paper “Rise-Rover: A Wall-climbing Robot with High Reliability and Load Carrying Capacity" presented at the 18th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots (CLAWAR 2015).

CATA Demo at the Intrepid Museum

Nice going there. Lots of people and interaction...More to write

Humboldt Research Fellowship

             Dr. Jizhong Xiao was selected by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to receive a Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers to establish long-term collaboration with scientists/engineers in Germany. The fellowship award will support Dr.

City Autonomous Transportation Agent (CATA)

In effort to compete at the 19th Annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC 2011), the City College team (formed by Carlos Jaramillo, Sebastian Pendola, Carlos Chinchilla, and Achyut Shrestha) was able to qualify (only 17 out of 57 teams qualified).

IEEE MFI-2012: Best Paper Finalist

MFI2012 FinalistThe paper Real-Time Pose Estimation with RGB-D Camera by Ivan Dryanovski, William Morris, Ravi Kaushik, Jizhong Xiao has been selected as the finalist for Best Student Paper Award in MFI-2012.


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