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PRISM Lecture Series

The PRISM lecture series is supported by two NSF grants (CNS-0424539 and CNS-0551598) and the funding from the Grove School of Engineering (GSoE) for establishing the Center for Perceptual Robotics, Intelligent Sensors and Machines (PRISM center) at CCNY. We invite world-renowned researchers and prominent young scholars in the fields of robotics, computer vision, machine learning, distributed systems, human-computer interaction, and wireless communication, to give lectures in the areas of their expertise. The Lecture series has been proven very effective in stimulating students’ interest, fostering collaboration between CCNY and other universities, and increasing the visibility of CCNY research. The PRISM lectures are open to any faculty, researchers, or students within or outside of CCNY and CUNY.


PRISM Calendar

List of presenters and topics of the PRISM lecture series(2004-2009)

Automated Robot-based Nanohandling

Morphogenetic Robotics: An Emerging New Field in Self-Organizing Robotics

Searching for People and Vehicles in Urban Environments

Intelligent Transportation Systems in Taiwan

Automatic Measurement of Affect in Dimensional and Continuous Spaces

Supervised and Semi-Supervised Image Alignment

Practical Geometric Problems associated with Robotic Mapping and Monitoring of Data Centers

What Can We Read from Face Image?

Digital Holographic Microscopy: A Novel Technique for 3D In-situ Measurement in Space